Annual markers in our lives like New Year’s Day and birthdays give us an excuse and an opportunity to get started again on things that are important to us.

But, we do NOT have to wait for annual markers. We can get started again each month, each week and each day. Join me in choosing today (and each day) as “Get Started Again Day!”

Get started today on things that are important to you from among the pictures, paragraphs and links below.


They will help build YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons™.

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Get Started With
SUCCESS NOW! MadeWithBalloons™.


You may have heard it said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Few people, however, seem to realize that you are entitled to enjoy the self respect, confidence and satisfaction of success right from the beginning of that journey. You don’t have to wait until the end to be a success.
  Does that sound like Good News to you? Then you’re going to love this article, “Success Now – MadeWithBalloons™ & Other Things”. And, you are going to love how much better you feel about prospects for YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons™

rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030-web ...Success Now

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Get Started With
GRAPHICS MadeWithBalloons™.

slide show of graphics made with balloons

Advance your art with ideas from this Facebook group. “Graphics MadeWtihBalloons™” is a growing group of over 1400 friendly members.

See and share graphics made with balloons from around the world. Ask Questions. Add your comments. Award your “Likes”. Show off your own graphics MadeWithBalloons™.

Get started now with this valuable resource for YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons™.

.rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030 px ...Graphics Group

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Get Started With
“Qualatex Quick Link™ Balloons”

Cut sheet on new Qualatex Quicklink™ balloons

Quick Links™ are out and available, so you too may come out and play with the new Qualatex™ version of double-ended balloons. 

This article shares ways you can use Quick Links™ to 
(1) save time,
(2) reduce costs and
(3) raise your profits; 
in other words, build YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons.

rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030 px ...Quick Link Balloons .

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Get Started With

Loading Rouse Double Bubbles™ is an easy and effective way to build flags and other graphics MadeWithBalloons™Rouse Double Bubble™” techniques are an exceptionally easy way to produce walls, murals, logos and other graphics made with balloons. In fact, Rouse Double Bubbles are so easy to use  that both our 8 year old neighbor and our 94 year old neighbor can make professional looking balloon decorations with them.

You will be able to get great results too, even with temporary, unskilled assistants. They will boost YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons.

[BONUS: These techniques work beautifully with the new Qualatex Quick Link™ balloons as well as with Link-O-Loons™ and other double-ended balloons.]

.rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030 px Rouse Double Bubbles

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Get Started With

Register to SAVE every day PLUS Heart frames on SALE now.

Your business success will certainly be moved forward when you can produce your usual great results at lower costs to you.

Lower your costs on a wide range of 50+ popular configurations of RMS™ balloon frames. Register your balloon business with Ballooniverse Mall and save 17% every day.

Savings help build YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons.

rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030 px Register For Long Term Savings

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Get Started With

animation of pictures from FUN links

Here are several links we believe will entertain and amuse you just for fun MadeWithBalloons™.



rouseabout-link-to-your-success-corners-500x030 px Use Underlined links (1), (2) & (3) above

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Get Started With

RouseABOUT™ "Your Success MadeWithBalloons™" logo 250x225px.

As a reader who made it this far, we think you may enjoy RouseABOUT™ copies online.

(1) RouseABOUT™ ONLINE makes it a little easier to flip back and forth between the newsletter and items at the other end of the links.

(2) RouseABOUT™ ONLINE gives you a central archive so it becomes easier to go back to those links you loved and to discover great items you missed the first time around.

(3) RouseABOUT™ ONLINE translates. That is right. There is a Google Translation Gadget at the top of the left hand column in the online version. It works to translate the whole RouseABOUT™ web site into the language of your choice.

(4) RouseABOUT™ ONLINE does NOT display the discount codes and links to other special content reserved for RouseABOUT SUBSCRIBERSSubscribe now to get those exclusive benefits.

Meanwhile, please DO SHARE the site address and individual issues (like this one) with your friends. Links are at the bottom of this article.

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Thanks for joining us for this new generation of the RouseABOUT™. Use it to Get Started Again and again on YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons™. Share it with others to help them Get Started Again, too.

Get maximum benefit from the RouseABOUT™ by subscribing to the email version. The email version often includes special offers and/or discount codes that do not show up on the web site version. Use this link to SUBSCRIBE NOW.


Successfully Yours,

Graham Rouse

Your host and editor for the RouseABOUT™ “Rouse ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS MadeWithBalloons™”

Rouse Technologies LLC 212 Thomas St., Clemson, SC 29631 USA 1-877 GO-ROUSE 1-864-654-4166



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