Feb 09 2014

INVITATION TO “Get Started Again! ” With Balloons

"Happy "Get StartedAgainDay!" 10' balloon cake MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™

INVITATION To “Get Started Again!”

New Year’s Days and birthdays are annual markers in our lives that give us an excuse and an opportunity to get started again on things that are important to us.

But, we do not have to wait for annual markers. Each Day is the beginning of the rest of our lives. We can treat each day as an invitation to “Get Started Again!”


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That’s all it takes to Get Started Again with RouseABOUT™ resources for Your Success MadeWithBalloons™.

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Each issue of the RouseABOUT 

delivers a series of pictures, paragraphs & links to your inbox. Choose a link, click and

Sample images from forthcoming issues of RouseABOUT™

Sample images from forthcoming issues of RouseABOUT™


  • Inspirational examples
  • Easy, how to instructions
  • Creative decorating ideas
  • Terrific twisted art
  • New tools and techniques
  • Balloon industry updates
  • Proven money saving ideas
  • Special offers and sales
  • Profitable business solutions
  • Other marvelous resources that you’re “gonna just love”. .

They will all help build “Your Success MadeWithBalloons™”.

And, what’s more? We’ll have some great fun along the way.

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for Your Success MadeWithBalloons™.

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Together, we will all Get Started Again.
On MORE Success MadeWithBalloons™.


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About the author


Graham is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC, Clemson, SC USA.

He has 30+ years professional experience in the balloon industry.
He produces, publishes, exhibits and teaches balloon arts worldwide.
He has 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals.
He is the creator of seminal innovations for the balloon industry:

(1) structuring balloon sculptures from inside
(2) building balloon displays with aperture frameworks
(3) manufacturing film balloons in connected series.

Graham's companies manufacture, distribute, teach and support Rouse Matrix Systems™ brand, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames

Google More Rouse:

"MadeWithBalloons"       "JustRouseIt"      "Rouse Matrix


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    Glad to have you join us, Janet. Just click on the bright yellow “GET ME STARTED” banner at the end of the post above or use this link: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001Fn1fHTcb0kr_DB6HXm5U7Sle1JbWaD1VuYwaPmbWicmmnmpkvkNq2rjBWq6RVPyrwdoP39RbWC8_hVarQ3246RVHyEaH7ABl_eUWsSRPawWWA8elchWww5EkUKbr4NIaS41zcfwIbXg%3D .

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