Jun 26 2015


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The last 1/3 century has brought many innovations that help us “Blossom And Grow With Balloons”.

My nominees for the best 4 are Rouse original innovations that belong in the tool box and skill set of every balloon professional..

Check them out. Then put them to work for you. They are guaranteed to help you blossom and grow your balloon art and business.

You may even come to consider them your choice for The 4 Best Balloon Innovations In 33 Years.


This week we share the earliest of my four nominees. It was brand new 32 years ago. Now, it is well know and used pervasively around the world by balloon professionals and amateurs. But, relatively few who use this innovation know where it came from.


The first of my four innovations is the inside out approachAnimation of RIBS (Rouse Internal Balloon Structures) Examples to balloon sculpture that I invented early in 1983 (32 years ago). It uses internal structures to shape and reinforce the outer form of air chambers. This is the way ribs work in our bodies, so I refer to this approach as balloon “RIBS”.

“RIBS” is also an acronym for  “Rouse Internal Balloon Structures” in recognition of the inventor.
In 1985
, however, I coined and published the name “Fantasy Flowers” in talking about flower sculptures with RIBS. The name stuck and became quite popular.

“Balloon Distortion” is another popular name for balloon RIBS techniques when they are used with non-flower balloon sculptures.

I encourage you to learn and then add RIBS techniques to your skill set and RIBS components to your tool box. They will help guarantee Your Success MadeWithBalloons™.
Start with the story and links found in this article about the first 7 years of “RIBS”/”Fantasy Flowers”


If you missed these recent posts then do check them out now. Select the links in red below.

Rouse RMS REAL (Rouse-Expand-And-Load™) Keyhole MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse exclusive double layer "STRONG" technnique.

Take a closer look at this image of a Keyhole arch on Pinterest. It was made with a curved version of the Rouse patented double layer “STRONG” technique.




Kaleidoscopic graphic design by Graham Rouse made from photos of an orange dress MadeWithBalloons.

Take a spin with the balloon dress featured in this kaleidoscopic image and article from ROUSEings blog. 




Allen and Eric Rouse play with modular balloon creations by their father, Graham Rouse, about 1985.l

Join our celebration of  Father’s Day with this picture and article from ROUSEings blog.





JustouseIt logo/icon.

Share in the comeback of JustRouseIt blog at a new URL. Hackers effectively crippled the blog at the old load location so we moved it to JRI.MadeWithBalloons.com.




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Share your thoughts about the innovations and articles linked above. Use the “Leave a Reply” section below. You may include photos of your examples.

Share your nominees for the 4 best balloon innovations of the last 33 years. The last 1/3 century has been rich with innovations. Let us hear about your favorites. Use the “Leave a Reply”  section below.

About the author


Graham is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC, Clemson, SC USA.

He has 30+ years professional experience in the balloon industry.
He produces, publishes, exhibits and teaches balloon arts worldwide.
He has 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals.
He is the creator of seminal innovations for the balloon industry:

(1) structuring balloon sculptures from inside
(2) building balloon displays with aperture frameworks
(3) manufacturing film balloons in connected series.

Graham's companies manufacture, distribute, teach and support Rouse Matrix Systems™ brand, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames

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