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Last week we suggested that a 32 year old balloon innovation be given a spot among THE 4 BEST BALLOON INNOVATIONS IN 33 YEARS It was an innovation KNOWN around the world.  

This week we propose that a 28 year old idea join that elite group. Only, this innovation is virtually UNKNOWN across our balloon industry.

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You and I invest a lot of time and energy connecting/linking balloons to build our displays.

Late in 1987 it occurred to me to have film balloons pre-linked at the factory. It took me over 21  years to secure the patent.

Manufacturers seem equally slow to license this technology and get this new form of balloons into production and into your hands here in the USA.

Yet it is inevitable that Rouse Pre-Linked “ROLL” Balloons will become available to professionals like you and to the general public as well. Pre-linked balloons are so simple to manufacture and so efficient to use that they cannot remain hidden off the market much longer.

pre-linked-balloon-canopy-01For instance, this 22′ by 22′ balloon canopy looks like 563 balloons, but actually requires the inflation and installation of only 21 Rouse Pre-linked Balloons. The labor required would be less than 1/10 that of a standard balloon canopy of the same size.

Each of these 21 balloons is actually a string of balloons that are “pre-linked” in a way that allows them to all be inflated at once.

STANDARD film balloon manufacture produces independent balloons

STANDARD manufacture produces INDEPENDENT balloons

ROUSE manufacture produces LINKED balloons.

ROUSE manufacture  …..produces LINKED….. balloons.


Construction of pre-linked balloon canopies and many other pre-linked balloon displays are enormously simpler, easier and faster than with standard balloons. The entire canopy may be easily “touched up” with additional helium. The display will last longer than latex balloon canopies. The whole thing may be deflated, rolled up and stored for later reuse.

Your professional tool box and skill set should definitely include Rouse Pre-Linked Balloons. They will help guarantee Your Success MadeWithBalloons™.


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  3. EXAMPLE projects with Pre-Linked ROLL balloons



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  1. Awesome creations.  I love Rouse.

      • Leigh McLachlan on July 2, 2015 at 8:07 pm
      • Reply

      I am amazed with the roll balloons.  I really would like to see them in action, in person.  Anyone else?

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