“GO CALVIN !!! !” You Have A Future In Balloons!

"GO CALVIN!" RouseABOUT cover design

This is one of my favorite cartoons.  It tells the story of the vast majority of balloon professionals. Most of us  started out flying something else and later switched to or simply added balloons.    No matter where you started out, we welcome you to this family of balloon enthusiasts and balloon professionals. We are glad you looked …

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30 R-E-A-L™ SHAPES MadeWithBalloons™

RouseABOUT™ Your Success Newsletter cover for 30 RMS Expand-And-Load™ Balloon Grid Frame Shapes

. (30) Rouse-Expand-And-Load™ balloon frame shapes are illustrated above and illustrated again on a larger scale below. Rouse Matrix Systems™ balloon frames like these are available in . (1) MORE SHAPES . (2) MORE SIZES . (3) MORE GRID PATTERNS . than any other professional balloon frames in the “Ballooniverse”. . These 30 are part of …

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RouseABOUT™ Your Success newsletter cover with 6 famous faces MadeWithBalloons™

JUST FACE IT With Balloons! People like to see their own faces, probably almost as much as they like to hear their own names. People also like to see the faces of others with whom they identify or who represent their aspirations or who call up emotions they want refreshed. As balloon artists we can produce …

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INVITATION TO “Get Started Again! ” With Balloons

RouseABOUT logo/icon

.…………………………………………….. INVITATION To “Get Started Again!” New Year’s Days and birthdays are annual markers in our lives that give us an excuse and an opportunity to get started again on things that are important to us. But, we do not have to wait for annual markers. Each Day is the beginning of the rest of …

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HAPPY “GET STARTED AGAIN DAY!”  Annual markers in our lives like New Year’s Day and birthdays give us an excuse and an opportunity to get started again on things that are important to us. But, we do NOT have to wait for annual markers. We can get started again each month, each week and each day. Join me in choosing …

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